Polymer Clay Gifts

Gifts and jewellery made from polymer clay, individual one of a kind pieces of jewellery,pill boxes, mirrors, pens, bookmarks, fairy doors, beads, ornaments, and decorated pots, tins and bowls.

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  • Little People in Frames

    Hand crafted little girl or boy in a wooden frame. Frame size is 8x6. Each frame is a one of a kind polymer clay , hand crafted litttle girl or boy, there are no molds used, they are all hand crafted, so each one will be totaly different. 

  • Dragons, Faries,...

    Hand crafted polymer clay dragons, faries, pixies, elves and troll mystical sculptures, each one is one of a kind and has its own special name. some holding crystal and semi precious  stones, each one is looking for a loving home.

  • Fairy Doors / Portals

    Hand crafted fairy, Pixie and elves magcal doors and portals to the fairy kingdom. each o ne is crafted by hand out of polymer clay  , no two will be the same

  • Pens

    Reuseable pens made out of polymer clay. Each one different . No two the same, can be refilled by simply pulling out old refill and putting in new

  • Bookmark

    Bookmarks, made from polymer clay and silver plated bookmark, each one different, no two the same

  • Portable Ashtray

    One of a  kind potable ashtray, made with polymer clay, with keyring attachment, push button lid and flip out cigerette holder.

  • Decorative Tins

    Decorative Tins, All decorated with polymer clay

  • Candle Holders

    Candle holders, night light holders, all made using polymer clay, each one is individual, no two the same

  • Compact Mirrors

    Compact mirrors with polymer clay inlaid lids, One Of A Kind

  • Pill Boxes an...

    Silver pill boxes decorated with polymer clay, all one of a kind, all so emergency tins with screw top and can hang from your keys, bag, or anything you would like

  • Christmas Decorations

    Hand crafted polymer clay Christmas decorations, santas elves, sant,s, baubles

  • Dragon egg pendants

    one of a kind little baby dragons hatching from there eggs, made into a pendant.

  • Figures

    One of a Kind polymer clay figures, each figurine is hand crafted, some funny ones some realistic ones to include Cats, dogs, rabbits and other animals and characters.

  • Ever lasting decorated...

    Hand decorated everlasting glass nail files, each one is individually hand crafted using polymer clay and other mixed media products, no two nail files will be the same, each one is one of a kind. Ideal to slip into your handbag or purse