Crochet Items

Crochet items made by me,baby booties,hats a nd shoes, hats for all ages,scarves and shawls, lotsof novelty items and toys 

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  • Crochet|& Knitting...

    Hand Crafted unique stitch holders for knitting and crochet, unusual, different, cute, funny, and made just for you with lots of attention to detail, sold in packs. Make lovely gifts for any keen knitters or crochet lovers.

  • Hats

    Crochet hats, lots of different designs and colours

  • Crochet Booties

    Hand crochet booties for babies, lots of different designs and colours, suitable for boy or girl  aged 0-6months , 6-12months, 12,-18months, 18-2 years, other sizes available on request.

  • Crochet Patterns

    Easy to read crochet patterns, written in US terminology with UK conversion charts

    Lots of pictures to help you along, free advice given by email

  • Mary Jane Shoes & Loafers

    Hand crochet mary jane  shoes in lots of differnet colours and styles. suitable for both girl or boy. available in sizes 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-2 years.

  • Snoods

    Crochet Snoods in various wools and acrylic blends, lots of different colours available,  

    Available for adults and children of all ages

  • Crochet Scarves, Shawls

    Hand crochet scarves, Shawls lots of designs  and colours

  • Themed Bunting

    Hand crochet bunting for girls and boys, also suitable for the young at heart

  • Mobile Phone Covers

    Covers for mobile phones, all hand crafted, all different, lots of styles and colours to choose from.

  • Crochet Gloves and...

    Hand crochet Gloves , mitens and wrist warmers, multi coloured and plain designs to choose from

  • Crochet Gifts, Bags &...

    Different hand crochet gift ideas. These will change frequently with the seasons.

  • Photo Props, Sets,...

    Photo props, hand croched sets for babys, boy or girl, newborn up to 2yrs

    Hats, nappy covers, sleepers, snugs. blankets